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[Fanaccount] Phoenix 2nd Fanmeeting in Prague


Hello fellow Cassies~

On the 3rd til 7th August '11 Phoenix (The Unofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ) had a fanmeeting in Prague! We made unforgettable memories that we would like to share with you guys cause they really mean a lot to us. :)


So first of all I need to say that this was our 2nd fanmeeting of Phoenix. First meeting was last year in Germany where we spent (only) 3 days together which was rather short. But because we had so much fun we decided to make another meeting this year.. this time for 5 days in Prague! ;)

We were fans from all over Europe. Countries that were present: Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and even 2 girls from China who met us by accident and joined us later on.

Our goal was to visit all the places where Dong Bang Shin Ki have been for their "Prince in Prague Photobook".

And what can I say? We succeeded! :D

Here's a little preview:








Of course there are a LOT more. We're planning to release a "Phoenix in Prague"-Photobook very soon. :)


Besides the photoshootings we also planned to sing "Proud" on the same piano as DBSK in the Dobříš Castle.
It was very emotional ... many of us had tears in their eyes while singing. I can't describe the moment.. It was just incredible. /*_*

Here's another video from a different angle:

When we arrived at the Dobříš Castle we managed to get an interview with the Director who met DBSK when they were shooting in the castle.
And he was so kind.. we were allowed to ask him questions about DBSK.
Here's the video (Anna is translating.. but we will add subs of what he said exactly in the next few days.)

Because of that they said they will write an article about us and publish it on Czech newspapers. :)

In the end of our trip we also filmed a small video for the Korean Embassy in Prague to tell them what we have done in the past few days.
Hope they will see it.


I must say we totally fell in love with the city. If you haven't been in Prague before I suggest you to go there! When you're standing on that bridge (where they filmed "O" Jung Ban Hap) you will feel like you're in an MV. xD Every building, every street will look familar... it's amazing! Especially at night or in the morning.. it has this magical feeling. *.*


Also the people there are very friendly!!! I only have good things to say about Prague. :P

And what made us happy were the huge amount of Koreans!! :D I'm not sure if they were tourists or living there.. But we saw Koreans everywhere!!! Some of them noticed our banner (with DBSK on it) or our music (we were listening to Kpop all the time) and they asked to take pictures with us.

(That one was funny.. we noticed they were Korean and asked them to take picture with us. First they misunderstood and thought we wanted them to take picture of us.. but then we explained it to them.. and they were surprised "Wow how did you know I'm korean" xDD)




That girl in the middle was so cute. Her name was Sukyung I think ... when she saw we are DBSK fans she was so excited.. she was on vacation in Prague and that was totally unexpected for her. We asked her to join us the next day for our trip to the castle.. but sadly she had to leave in the morning the day after. :( I'm sad we didn't even exchange twitter or sth. :(


The rest of the days we spent together were amazing. We even saw THE car!!!
Do you recognize it?

We were running like maniacs after it xDD

/haha /haha /haha

While we were there we also took a picture at that Cafe where Lee Minho was at last year. xDDD


This was the famous bench of DBSK:


We visited that place a few times :D One day there was an old couple sitting on it.. We asked them to get up to take pictures LOL
So rude T.T but we wanted those pics.. afterwards we told them to sit down again. xD

On the last day we went to eat in a Korean restaurant.. omo the food was soooooo delicious!!!
We spent 4 hours there. O_O Before we left we thanked the cook and he was so shy and cute haha.. he told us when we come next time he will give us a discount and they will have DBSK videos /music prepared!!! /haha

Here we wrote each other letters a day before everyone would leave. :) It was so touching.. some of us were even crying.^^



After 5 days it was hard to separate... We already miss each other so much~ We made such wonderful memories together.. laughing, doing crazy things, spreading the love of DBSK was worth all the way!!! We don't regret any second! :)

Hope we can meet up very soon again~

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OMG, this is such a wonderful post! It was so great meeting all of you and I'm still sad it's over...I wanna go back!!! ;__;
You should definitly cross-post this at the dbsg-community!!
Me too!!! I wanna go back so badly. T.T Miss you guys already!!! ♥
Btw Maria you should check phoenix forum -> http://board.phoenixfanclub.eu/viewtopic.php?f=155&t=4910 lol

Oh and I've posted it on dbsg comm but it seems the comm is kinda .. dead? o_O
They didn't update anything since 4th July...

Do you know any other DBSK comms here on LJ? I would like to share with more people :)
LOL what's that?? XDDD I have a twitter, but no facebook will ever come near me, gomen! >_<

Oh, now that you mention it...Strange! O.O I know some other comms, but they're no general dbsk-comms but mostly fiction-, pairing-, translation- and LOL-Comms^^;;;

I found this one, but I'm not sure if the entry would fit - I don't think I read something that says it's forbidden AND they have a fanmeeting-tag...could be worth a try? Here:

I'm crying for not being able to be there!!!!!!!!! =(((( I'm glad you had so much fun =)
Oh Sunny T___T I'll be forever sad that you couldn't come!!! Just because some people voted for August and didn't even come in the end.. i'm still so angry..
Hope we meet very soon though ♥
Yeah, I hope so too =) Tomorrow I'm getting ready for Prague hehehe <3
Enjoy!!!!! :D
You're gonna meet up with trangi and zuzana? Give them a hug from me ^___^
Yeah, definitely. I'll be staying at Zuzana's =))) I think we'll like have kpop parties and stuff hahaha.. <3 My well-deserved vacation =D Thanks dear!
I think my message didnt save before:( i wish i couldve been with u guys! To b part of the fanclub but i guess its too late now:( Im in prague rite now to try to see all the places dbsk went to also but i only am spending one day here:( so i was rly rly hoping that i would b able to help me find all the places tht they went to? Idk where they r located, r any of u guys still in prague?
Oh that is so sad that i see your comment just now. :/ I'm sorry that I reply super late. This page is inactive and we moved to facebook -> http://www.facebook.com/PhoenixFanclub an twitter: https://twitter.com/phoenixfanclub

I guess you're not in Prague anymore? I'd have loved to help you out.. :( where do you normally live?

There are many DBSK/JYJ fans in Prague.. but also in whole europe.. our group was pretty mixed with many nationalities..

How was your time in Prague nevertheless? Did you find any of those places?

Yea i left wednesday last week but it was a lot of fun! i saw many many of the places they went to lol it was like a scavenger hunt, i only used pics to help basically and i wish i couldve met some fans, i took lots of pics, including one where a fan wrote tvxq on the pole outside the church!XD i was soo happy tht i found it, cuz i saw it was on her website, so that feeling was just undescribable. Um, im a fan from the US, so its hard to meet u guys:( but i liked your facebook page just now^^ maybe we can b friends on fb?:) its so nice to talk to fans from around the world^^
I'm glad you had fun!! Ohh i remember that pole :D haha i think we took some pics with it too xD
Prague is really awesome.. TVXQ memories everywhere!!
If you want you can add me on my facebook too then we can keep in touch :) CLICK