xxelinaxx (xxelinaxx) wrote in phoenixfc,

[Announcement] Phoenix LJ closed for the time-being or forever...

Dear members,

you might have noticed that this comm has been dead lately.

After a discussion with the team we decided to not further update this page here on LJ. The reason is that other sites are more popular these days and people prefer to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

I'm sure most of you are already doing it anyways.^^ But just in case you have us only subscribed on LJ we wanted to let you know that Phoenix is not dead! Our forum is more active than ever. ;)

We will keep this comm and won't close it in case something happens with the other sites and we decide to run it again.^^

But for the time-being / near future you won't see any updates here.

Thanks for being with us here on LJ all these years. :)
Hope to see you again on our board! ^_^

much love,
Elina / Admin of Phoenix

Tags: announcement, hiatus
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