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MAGAZINE: High Cut Korea Magazine Vol. 64 Nov 2011

MODEL: Singer and Actor Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of Korean band JYJ; also on the cover

BRANDS: Burberry Prorsum, System Homme, Vanhart Homme Collection

WHERE TO BUY: High Cut Korea Magazine; Clothing and accessories - see captions.

SOURCE: [Fashion ID] HIGH CUT Korea Magazine – Park Yoochun (믹키유천, ユチョン) of JYJ


Dear members,

you might have noticed that this comm has been dead lately.

After a discussion with the team we decided to not further update this page here on LJ. The reason is that other sites are more popular these days and people prefer to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

I'm sure most of you are already doing it anyways.^^ But just in case you have us only subscribed on LJ we wanted to let you know that Phoenix is not dead! Our forum is more active than ever. ;)

We will keep this comm and won't close it in case something happens with the other sites and we decide to run it again.^^

But for the time-being / near future you won't see any updates here.

Thanks for being with us here on LJ all these years. :)
Hope to see you again on our board! ^_^

much love,
Elina / Admin of Phoenix

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11 August 2011 @ 04:28 pm

Hello fellow Cassies~

On the 3rd til 7th August '11 Phoenix (The Unofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ) had a fanmeeting in Prague! We made unforgettable memories that we would like to share with you guys cause they really mean a lot to us. :)

Read more...Collapse )

Read more...Collapse )
Official Statement of the International Consumers of the Korean Wave regarding KBS Jeju’s Public Deception

We, PhoenixFanclub and our allies listed below, hereby condemn the actions of the Korea Broadcasting Systems (hereafter “KBS”) for its deplorable breaking of public trust with regards to the unjustified cancellation of JYJ’s public television appearance in connection with the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World promotional campaign for Jeju Island. It is disappointing that we are compelled for the second time this year to internationally shame KBS for its anti-democratic actions that are contrary to the values of our community.

KBS’ deception, extortion, theft and collusion with external forces come at the expense of international consumers of the Korean Wave, many of whom are suffering prejudicial financial damages as a result of KBS’ unlawful and unilateral decision. However, the greatest damage perpetrated by KBS has been on the international image of Korea and against the people of Jeju Island. Due to the failure of the relevant South Korean authorities to reform the status quo of the Korean pop cultural contents industry, Korean and international citizens alike are witnessing an intolerable scenario: the betrayal on the part of a nationally-owned media institution against its own people, nation and public for the sake of corrupt, private interests. At this rate, the Korean Wave is in danger of becoming a target of criticism by the international press and an exemplary case study of what not to do in the area of cultural development.

We therefore recognise that this incident is much bigger than simply JYJ. It has already damaged popular international confidence in the Republic of Korea as a sovereign democracy governed by the rule of law for the protection of her citizens. We call on the Government of the Republic of Korea—in particular the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports and the Korea Fair Trade Commission—to make the Korean cultural contents industry the next frontier for democratisation and Korea’s anti-corruption agenda. Otherwise we, as the international consumers that attach value to the Korean Wave, would regret to have to declare the Korean Wave as having fallen to Junk status.

This statement is also endorsed by:

@Taiwan JYJ Fans


(click on the logo to get to the topic)
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06 December 2010 @ 03:38 pm
I have a feeling many people lost the overview of all the projects that are going on right now. xD
So I decided to make a little summary so you can organize better if you plan to participate in any of those. ^-^

(Pls notice that some of those projects are not Phoenix projects.. but we help promoting them since they're open to all cassies world wide. ^_^)

Here we go:

1. Happy Birthday Project for Junsu

What the project is about:
We want to make a happy birthday video for Junsu with messages from Phoenixes~
Videos, Pictures, Drawings.. everything's allowed. :) In the end we're going to spam his twitter to make sure he receives he's present. ;D

DEADLINE: December 10th 2010
More information: CLICK


What the project is about:


Preorders finally opened! :D
DEADLINE: December 12th 2010
More information: CLICK

3. Light Stick Project

What the project is about:

To be announced soon !!

DEADLINE: January 1st 2011

More information: CLICK

4. [Poll] International Dance Project 2011

What the project is about:
You should know it by now. :) Cassies from all over the world learning a choreography to a song by TVXQ and all videos are being combined to 1. ^_^
For now we need to know which dance we should learn next.

DEADLINE: January 1st 2011
More information: CLICK


What the project is about:
We will record and compile videos from Cassiopeia all over the world. The videos recorded will of course have to come from those who will participate in the project. Each country will have an approximate 1 minute and 30 second time span in the duration of the whole compiled video.

DEADLINE: May 1st 2011

More information: CLICK

6. Phoenix' 3rd anniversary project

What the project is about:
We want to make a big poster of us Phoenixes and send Junsu's dad one copy. :D

DEADLINE: To be defined
More information: CLICK
27 November 2010 @ 09:18 pm

click on picture for more info ;)
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10 November 2010 @ 10:06 pm

So... what is this all about? Well, lately we have a lot of information, photos, fancams, music, showcases, videos, and everything from JYJ. And that is AWESOME, isn't it? We're happy for them and with them and it's really nice to see them so active.


JYJ is only 3/5. Where are the other 2/5? Yunho and Changmin are not that active right now. Changmin could be even called a hermit... But does this mean we love them less? Does this mean we are already forgetting them? Not caring about them?


So this is why this thing has been done, to show our love and support for the other 2 members of the 5 gods. They deserve it too, wherever they are, whatever they are doing :)

So, how do we do this? Easy:


Spam everywhere with HoMin related things! Post pictures of them, edits of their pictures, macros, fanarts, quotes, songs, fanvideos, videos... whatever you want! Anything related to them, and your love for them, is welcomed.

To make this more 'funny' and to try to persuade people to participate, I created a small contest. It's a really easy one! Here, at this post that will be kept public, post a link to the sites where you will be spamming HoMin love, or the user name of your twitter/tumblr/livejournal/whatever where you will post it all. The sites have to be public, since this is a spreading the love everywhere contest! ;P

Me and a couple of other Yunho and Changmin biased people (XD) will check all the links and spams around, and decide who contributed the most to spread the HoMin love. That person will be the winner! And what will the prize be? The only thing I can offer: a fanart by me. Since this is HoMin day, it would basically be Yunho or Changmin, but if the winner is biased towards other member, it's also ok! Anything TVXQ related will be ok ^^ Plus, if the money and the post service of my country (^^U) allows it, I'll send a folded A3 poster version of the draw to the winner ^^. It's always better to have it in your hands, isn't it? ;P

So, the basic rules:

1. The contest will have a length of 24 hours (HoMin DAY, not week %D) from 08/8 am on the 11th of november until 08/8 am on the 12th of november. (GMT/UTC time, adapt it to your countries ;P)
2. Everything is welcomed as a way of support to them: your favorite photos of them, a song that reminds you of them, your favorite song by them, or video, or a draw you've done, or a writing you've done about them, etc etc.
3. All sites welcomed for the spam, as long as they are public and can be checked by everybody. We want to spread the love to them, and we want the world to see it!
4. You can post as much as you want during the day. The more you post, the more chances of winning!
5. You can post about the both of them, or Yunho alone, or Changmin alone. All is valid as long as it is about them two ^^
6. No couple stuff, please. This is a message for them as the people they are, and to show them we support them, so nothing that could offend them in any way, please. Let's be neutral! ^^
7. No mentions of 5-2=0, 5-3=0, COMEBACKNOW, and stuff like that. As much as some fans are hurting, this is to show love and support, not to put more pressure on them.
8. The winner will be anounced the night of the 12/10/10, or during the 13/10/10 at this community :) I'll proceed to contact said winner through said post on the community or by private message to ask for what they'll want as a prize.

So come on, participate!! It's an easy thing to do, you don't have to work much on it nor prepare much stuff for it. And they both deserve all our love. They have been there for long years too, loving us, giving us their souls, their music, their lives. Let's show them that we're still here for them, as well as for JYJ ^^

You can also spam HoMin love without taking part on the contest ^^

Another thing to make this the ultimate HoMin day, if you have a twitter, let's trend weloveHoMin (no hashtag, #) during the whole day tomorrow! Let's see if we can make it to the top 10, and someone shows them they're there ;P

That's all! Spread the word, tell every TVXQ fan to participate, and let's spam the world with some HoMin LOVE!!! ^^

PS. please, SPREAD THE WORD. Tell everybody, announce it everywhere, so all the TVXQ fans will contribute and make the HoMin day a success!

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/jumotic/28848.html?view=2059952#t2059952
From the co-ordinator of
DBSK International Fansong Project 2009 & DBSK International WWW Project 2010

Hi all,

Till today I continue to receive mails from fans who have watched the earlier fan projects and asked to participate in another one. After some thinking, I decided to do another project. Hope you guys will support this project too :)

This new project is entitled "DBSK International Fans - One Year Later".



A year has passed since our boys have stopped performing together as 5. So this video will be about your thoughts as a fan in the past year. This is not a video meant for any bashing or support for any particular side. It's meant to be a sincere video about how you truly felt as a fan in the past year and your wishes for the future.

Please try to participate and give a REAL INTERNATIONAL representation for this video! If there aren't enough entries, the video will not be completed.


1) Register

Email dbskfansongproject@gmail.com with your name and country by 15th November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time) to register. Please register only if you do wish to submit. I had quite a few people who registered and never submitted their videos for the last few projects.

2) Shoot

Once you have registered, take the video by ensuring that you film a clear video of yourself or a group of you talking to the camera about the following:

- How you have felt as a DBSK fan in the past year.
- How you feel about their solo activities in the past year
- What does "Always Keep The Faith" mean to you?
- How would you feel if the 5 get back together someday?
- How would you feel if the 5 do not get back eventually?
- Your wishes for them in future
- Any other words/encouragement

Please take special notice of the following. Videos or submissions that do not adhere to the guidelines may not be used.

1) You can speak in any language though English, Japanese and Korean would be most preferred. If you wish to hold placards with your words instead of talking, it's also acceptable.

For any other languages other than English, please subtitle your video with English translations. The subtitles should be at the bottom (where you usually see subtitles) in a clear, simple font such as Arial. Please avoid complex and curvy fonts.

2) Please limit your whole video to 1 MINUTE. Footage beyond the first 1 minute will not be included for consideration.

3) Please speak audibly and ensure that your words can be heard or seen. Please do not add any effects, logos and graphics to the video as it will complicate editing.

4) Strictly no needless bashing. This project is looking for SINCERE and TRUTHFUL entries. You may not love everything they do and you can express your feelings honestly but please do so in a sincere manner.

5) While I try to include your footage as much as possible, please note that only a segment of your video will be used due to editing necessity. Any videos deemed inappropriate or offensive for public viewing will be excluded.

3) Submit

Please check that your video is clear and can be opened before sending. Send the video to dbskfansongproject@gmail.com using yousendit or mediafire with your name and country on the file name by 22 November 2010, Monday (Seoul Time).


I'm afraid that I cannot guarantee if they will see it. If we help each other and get the word out, they might see it. I'll do my best so let's just try our best ok? :)

For clarifications/enquiries, please email dbskfansongproject@gmail.com.


Thank you,
International Fansong Project Co-ordinator
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